Hello! Ahoy! I'm Ari!

I am building sustainable tech businesses in and around the blockchain space, wearing many hats along the way - founder of newline.io, CTO, engineer in software and hardware, a writer, and an artist.

Welcome to my digital garden for my writing, thoughts, tutorials, and digital postcards. Feel welcome to explore, reach out, and connect. I'm active on twitter, github, and personally respond to every email I get.

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PicoCTF transformation

Breaking into things isn't always as easy as getting into a server.

PicoCTF nice netcat write-up

Ever wanted to learn how to break into things? Let's start with the basics

In my writings you'll find information from around building start-ups to technical how-tos of across the spectrum of technical topics. I write a digital postcard, a micro-newsletter about interesting posts from around the web. Sign up below to never miss a new article.

10-second bio

  • Technologist with 25+ years of experience
  • Technical co-founded of several start-up companies.
  • Author of 9 books and growing
  • Former stand-up comedian and improvisor
  • World traveler and teacher
  • Ask me for a book recommendation
  • I'm a dog owner and trainer

Current status

  • Building tooling for technical founders
  • Working with EthTrust and other crypto projects
  • Mentoring many students from around the world in technology.
  • Writing an accessible set of guides around technical topics like the blockchain and cybersecurity.

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Feel free to get in touch me about anything. Do you have some feedback or suggestions?

You can also reach me around the web: GitHub, Twitter