Python for Hackers

Python for Hackers is a guide, a course, and a tutorial for you to learn how to write Python for hacking. The guide is project-based and interactive.

Some of the projects you’ll build:

  • Web scraping to gather data from around the web without having to visit every page
  • Building your own, super-charged, customized version of spreadsheets (with and witout Excel)
  • Run sentiment analysis across twitter to figure out how people are feeling
  • Build your own personal AI bot.
  • and more!

Advanced topics

We don’t stop there… we’ll hop into using Python for ethically hacking through CTFs (Capture the Flag challenges) and puzzles. (Note: this is all for education purposes only where you have explicit permission to do so).

You’ll dive into topics such as learning how to:

  • brute-force a password
  • expose security holes on websites
  • dive into system-level vulnerabilities
  • OSINT… using open-source intelligence to learn everything about everyone.
  • Mobile vulnerabilities
  • and more!