About Ari


I’m currently Chief Innovation Officer at Herring Bank.

I previously worked as CTO of EthTrust at AWS as an Innovation Lead. Before that, I built several of my own companies and consulted along the way, including newline.io. I traveled the world teaching tech, from 8 year-olds to 71 year-olds, from Beijing to Moscow and many places in between the two, at public education, universities, the US Government, and volunteer teaching prison inmates.

Currently working on

  • I work with AI and machine learning
  • Breaking into anything I can get my hands on (ethically and legally)
  • Building distributed systems with Golang and Rust
  • Creating TryAnything.xyz - a digital, event-driven workflow builder personal zapier-like pattern for local and private secure AI workflows
  • Building a digital bank with Trevo
  • CoFounder at mood me working on locally available, privacy focused Real-Time Emotion Detection.


  • I built newline.io (formerly fullstack.io) a technical education and book publishing company where I authored (and co-authored) 9 technical textbooks from a variety of topics, from hardware to software.
  • I traveled the world teaching how to program including the US Navy, GE engineers, and tank commanders from the Israeli army. (find me on YouTube)
  • I worked at Amazon AWS as a senior software consultant within the Innovation group.
  • I volunteer teach at coding bootcamps across the Bay and in NYC, including a few years as a professional instructor at HackReactor.
  • I helped create the AT&T Foundry across the world from Palo Alto, Plano TX, and Tel Aviv.
  • Co-founded CitrusByte building software as a senior staff engineer.
  • I’ve been hacking (ethically and legally) and competed in CTFs (including 3 stripe.com)
  • I worked professionally as a stand-up comic for 4 years, traveling the US making people laugh… but I’m not that funny.


Oh yeah, and I mentor budding engineers and continue to teach technology. If you’re doing something interesting or working on something cool, hit me up!

Located in the Bay Area.