Invisible AI

Invisible AI

Published Mar 25, 2024

The world is just starting to wake up to this new technology called AI (Artificial Intelligence) and we’re not close to the end. But where are we going from here? What’s next? What’s the right next step?

Invisible AI

Remember way back when you had to manually tag your friends on facebook? You’d upload a photo and hover over your friend’s face, you’d click on their nose and type their name. At the time, it was revolutionary. We could annotate our friends in our own photos…

That’s what got Facebook so popular. I stand by this opinion

Under our noses Facebook switched it all up. Using the data that we manually labeled, Facebook created a machine learning model (CNN) that made it happen automatically. Instead of us having to go out and manually label photos, Meta introduced invisible Machine Learning.

We didn’t have to go and find it, it was there when we needed it. Look around. Machine Learning is everywhere. When you go to Netflix, you get recommended movies, Amazon recommended items to buy. it’s everywhere.

You don’t have to go out and find machine learning in the wild, it’s there without you reaching for it.

AI is not that yet. Chatbots are such a good interface beacuse you don’t need to learn how to talk to a chatbot. You just do. But this is not where AI is going nor is it where AI will end up.

The revolution is invisible

The companies that are going to shape our future aren’t building chatbots, they are embedding AI in everyday life. That’s where it should be and that’s where it’s going. It’s not going to ChatGPT, it’s not embedded in helpdesk chats.

When AI is invisible, that’s when you know we’ve hit a peak.