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Busking for business

Busking for business

It's 3:45 am and the only illumination in the room is the glow of the Pixel 2.

Jacob Koopman quietly busks in the distance from sometime in the history, on the streets of Dublin where artists from far and wide come to practice their craft.

Be it with a guitar or a set of brushless drumsticks, Grafton Street hosts a bustling set of Ireland's up-and-coming artists. You might even recognize some former Grafton buskers such as Damien Rice and Kodaline.

These artists are playfully practicing

Between the state of awake and dreaming, I realized I have a guitar underneath my bed. It's been years since I've beaten it up.

I can't find a pick. It doesn't matter. My capo is somewhere around my apartment, but it doesn't matter. These other humans have my brain driving in overdrive.

At 3:51am, I'm beating up the strings of the Taylor acoustic guitar I saved up for months in high school. I can't remember the chords to my favorite songs, but it doesn't matter. My fingers hurt, struggling to stretch from a G to an F#maj chord.

Shining passion

These bloody fingers have reconnected to the child-like playfulness. After 2 hours, perhaps a song or two came back, but the joy is flowing.

Why am I on the computer? Why am I sharing the history of my successes and failures? Why do I write tutorials? I have found joy in the work I do.

The many ingredients that go into building a system that fulfills your career and makes you successful, that wakes you up pre-dawn, and keeps you awake long-after the sun has gone down and you've returned from dinner with your friends.

Passion alone won't make your business successful, nor will it drag you into poverty, but it does drag you out of bed and annoy your neighbors. Take note of what wakes you up. Perhaps you might find yourself hanging out with Marie Keane, Padraig Cahill, or Sean Regan.

Mind sparing a moment?

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